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In Stock! Maytech VESC6.0 V2 Screen Remote Sealed Waterproof Dustproof Motor 6355 6365 6374 DIY Electric Skateboard Kit

In Stock! Maytech VESC6.0 V2 Screen Remote Sealed Waterproof Dustproof Motor 6355 6365 6374 DIY Electric Skateboard Kit

SKU:MTSKT310DB+2xMTSKPS2005+2xMTO6355-170-HA-C +4xMTSKW9052BK+2xMTSVESC6.0+Canbus cable+MTSKR20WFV2

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Maytech VESC6.0 V2 Screen Remote Sealed Waterproof Dustproof Motor 6355 6365 6374 DIY Electric Skateboard Kit

Price includes 1sets trucks with motor mounts, 2sets pulleys and belts kits, 2pcs motors, 4pcs 90mm Black/Orange Wheels, 2xMTSVESC6.0 VESC6 based controllers with Canbus cable, 1pcs MTSKR20WFV2 V2 Screen Remote 

6 Combs Available (Unassembled): 

 Combo 1/2: 
MTSKT310DB+2xMTSKPS2005+2xMTO6355-170-HA-C +4xMTSKW9052BK/OR 
+2xMTSVESC6.0+Canbus cable+MTSKR20WFV2
 Combo 3/4: 
MTSKT310DB+2xMTSKPS2005+2xMTO6365-170-HA-C +4xMTSKW9052BK/OR 
+2xMTSVESC6.0+Canbus cable+MTSKR20WFV2
Combo 5/6: 
MTSKT310DB+2xMTSKPS2005+2xMTO6374-170-HA-C +4xMTSKW9052BK/OR 
+2xMTSVESC6.0+Canbus cable+MTSKR20WFV2

Above motor KV is our standard KV, your order will be shipped as the KV we have. 

If you have other needs, please contact us first, we accept customize service. 

  • 1. MTSKT310DB Dual belt-driven Skateboard Trucks (1set)

Rear and Front trucks with two motor mounts
Truck size: 12inch
Frame materials: 356-T6 alloy aluminum alloy
Weight: 760g/pcs for back truck, 700g/pcs for front truck
Suitable for: 5055/5065/6355/6365/6374 motors

New Gravity Casting Technology:

1). Aluminum liquid flow into truck mould by liquid's weight naturally, this way can delete mould's inside air clearly.
2). do heat treatment after demoulding (truck surface is a little rough because of heat treatment). Prouction time is longer than old die casting technology, and the production cost is twice than before.
3). Hardness reached out HRB65 around, which can stand over 150kg weight for professional skateboarders.

Double kingpin trucks Dual belt driven electric skateboard truck MTSKT310DB for DIY electric longboard

  • 2. Pulleys and Belt Kits (2sets)


Belt HTD5M-255, width 15mm;

Motor pulley 14T, 5mm pitch, width 16mm;

Wheel pulley 36T, 5mm pitch, width 16mm.

Electric Skateboard 5M Pulleys 8mm shaft Motor Pulley HTD255mm-5M Belt Wheel Pulley Set

  • 3. Sealed Brushless Motors with hall sensor (2pcs) 5065 or 6355 or 6365 or 6374
Model No. MTO6355-170-HA-C MTO6365-170-HA-C MTO6374-170-HA-C
KV 170 170 170
Idle Current 1.0A 0.8A 0.8A
Max. Current 65A 65A 65A
Input Volt 2-12s Lipo 2-12s Lipo 2-12s Lipo
Max. Output Watt 3510W 3520W 3550W
Max. Pull 12000g 9700g 13000g
Rated Current 55A 60A 60A
Motor Weight 605g 760g 830g
Shaft 8mm 8mm 8mm
Output shaft length 26mm 26mm 26mm
Resistance 0.0441 0.0402 0.0402

ESK8/Robot Brushless Outrunner Sensored Motors BLDC Motor, FOC mode, brushless outrunner motor, dc motor, skateboard motor, 5055/5065/6355/6365/6374 brushless motor, kv can be customized, open cover red color, black closed cover, sealed cover motor, sensored outrunner motor, hall sensor 6pin 2mm pitch, hub motor, 14 poles belt-driven motor, 8mm

  • 4. Electric Skateboard Wheels (4pcs) 83mm wheels or 90mm wheels
Model No. MTSKW8352G MTSKW9052BK MTSKW9052OR
Diameter (mm) 83 90 90
Length (mm) 52 52 52
Hardness 85A/78A 85A/78A 85A/78A
Material PP PP PP
Color Green Black Orange
Bearings With With With

Electric Skateboard Wheels (4pcs) 83mm wheels

4. Electric Skateboard Wheels (4pcs) 90mm wheels


  • 5. MTSVESC6.0 based on VESC6 Speed Controller 200A for Electric Skateboard (2pcs with 1pcs Canbus Cable)
Model No. MTSVESC6.0 Cont Current 200A
Input Volt 11.1-50V (3-12S Lipo) Burst Current 240A
Hardware Based on V6 Firmware  Updatable
Software VESC_TOOL Compatible FOC Yes
Compatible Motor Sensored & Sensorless PCB Size 108mm x 75mm x 27mm
BEC 5V / 1.5A Heat Sink With Aluminum Alloy Case
Net Weight 280g Accessory  With 1pcs Signal Cable + USB Cble
Maytech 200A MTSVESC6.0 based Speed Controller Vedder Benjamin VESC for Electric Skateboard/Mountainbaord
  •  6.  MTSKR20WFV2 V2 ESK8 Screen Remote for DIY skateboard Compatible with VESC FOCBOX (1pcs) 
Model No. MTSKR20WFV2 Waterproof Rank IP66
Control Mode Esk8 Application Esk8 Only
Speed Display Yes Travel Mileage Yes
Throttle Display ±100% VESC Control Mode Duty Cycle / Current Mode
Speed Mode 3 Speed Modes
Each mode can adjust speed from 1%-100%
Accessories Wireless Charging pad; Receiver; 3pcs Dupont Cable
Charger QC 2.0 Wireless Wireless Frequency 2.4G HZ Wireless with 40 Channels
Display Screen OLED Yellow & Blue Screen Triggers 2x High senstive triggers
Throttle Output 1ms-2ms 100HZ Telemeter Data by Receiver Motor RPM ;
Main battery voltage
Voltage Display Remote & Main battery volt level (Lithium iron; lithium ion battery optional) Telemeter Data by VESC ESC Voltage/ Current/ Temp;
Motor Temp/ RPM
Compatible ESCs  V4/ V6/ Focbox/ Other PWM ESC Receiver Built-in Switch for Esk8 light/ Esurf Water Pump, etc.,  1x 30V 3A mechanical relay switch
1x 20V 2A transistor electronic switch

MTSKR20WFV2 V2 ESK8 Screen Remote for DIY skateboard Compatible with VESC FOCBOX

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