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Maytech Efoil Kayak Assist Kit ( 65121 3.7KW Waterproof Motor + Waterproof 160A ESC+ V2 Remote ) With or Without Anti-spark switch

Maytech Efoil Kayak Assist Kit ( 65121 3.7KW Waterproof Motor + Waterproof 160A ESC+ V2 Remote ) With or Without Anti-spark switch


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Anti-spark Swith

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Maytech Efoil Kayak Assist Kit ( 65121 3.7KW Waterproof Motor + Waterproof 160A ESC+ V2 Remote ) With or Without Anti-spark switch

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Model No.: MTI65121-130-SF
Brand: Maytech
KV: 130
Waterproof: IP68
Shaft: Screw shaft
Size: D65.5XL121.5
Construction (Slot/Pole): 18N6P
Max Power: 3.7KW 
Max Current: 100A
Input Voltage: 6-20S(22.2- 84V)
Max torque: 6N*M
Cable Length: 1.2m
Weight: 1.6kg
Connector: 8.0mm gold-plated male connector
Customize: Logo, cable length, connector, cover, shaft, etc., pls contact us
Maytech 3.7KW 65121 130KV Waterproof Inrunner Motor For Efoil Elecitrc Boat Underwater Thruster
Maytech 3.7KW 65121 130KV Waterproof Inrunner Motor For Efoil Elecitrc Boat Underwater Thruster
Maytech 3.7KW 65121 130KV Waterproof Inrunner Motor For Efoil Elecitrc Boat Underwater Thruster

Model No.: MTSF160A-WP32
Waterproof Rank: IP68
Cont Current: 160A
Peak Current (at 10S): 180A
Input Voltage: 6-14S Lipo (22.2V-58.8V)
Without BEC
Size: 92*46*23mm
With Progcard32 for programming the ESC
Suitable for: MTI65162-120-SF Waterproof motor/MTI65121-130-SF Waterproof Motor or MTO6384-140-WPC Waterproof Motor and MTO6374-150-WPC/2 Waterproof motor.
▶ 32BIT Micropprocessor
▶ Fully sealed, IP68 water-proof (water-proof version ESC)
▶ 8-layer 3oz PCB plate, 3.4mm, support high current
▶Compact size, high efficiency, low heat.
▶Only use geniune US and Japan imported electric components.
▶Low voltage protection.
▶100% QC test and performance test before deliver. Only qualified ESCs are arranged for delivery. 
Application: Efoil, electric surfboard, electric hydrofoil, underwater thruster, ROV, electric outboard, elcetric sup board, underwater robots, trolling mtor system, bow thruster, underwater jetpack, etc. 

Item 3: 1PCS Maytech MTSKR1905WF New Updated version waterproof remote for efoil electric surfboard DIY skateboard longboard (Click for more remote details)
Model no MTSKR1905WF
updated version 
Packing cartons box
Function wireless charging Display screen Yes
Accessory receiver and charging pad Signal type PWM
FREE Accessory Strip (color is random) Esurf mode with cruise control
Batt voltage display 3-18S Esk8 mode with brake
New remote updated  functions: 
1. New version updates from April 2024:
with 3 adjustable speed modes;
with throttle lock function for safety;
with Eco and Pro modes for different signal strength;
compatible to Maytech new 32bit MTSF300A-WP32/MTSF300A-WP32-HV ESC to ready current/votlage/rpm datas, etc;
add a page to display main battery voltage percentage;
This version contains functions of old firmware versions V1.32.1 (or V1.31.1) and V2.32.2(or V2.32.1). etc.
2. Display shows more: 
Besides remote battery and main battery voltage, it can show motor RPM; if use it with VESC controllers, it can show current, speed(esk8 mode), temperature
3. Signal: 
Remote and receiver signal strength is enhenced to avoid some signal interference nearby. 
4. Waterproof function is updated: 
Two layers of nanometer-coating are added to remote.  
5. Remote can wirelessly control two switches: 
Remote can control two switches, such as light, pump.
6. Receiver supports double-souce powersupply: 
Receiver can accepts 5V/3.3V power


Item 4. 1pcs Maytech 300A 85V antispark switch battery cut off switch with short circuit protection for electric hydrofoil surfboard efoil (click for more switch details)

Brand Maytech Model Number MTS2009AS
Application Electric Skateboard, Efoil, surfboard, boat,  motorcycle, etc Connector Ring Terminal
Max Current 300A Brand Maytech
Max voltage 85V (20S lipo) Color Black
Switch Type Use NMOS to realize switching on/off Power positive Size about 97*56*25mm
Features Switch comes with LED light indicator; 
Shutdown current less than 1uA;
Suitable for load: three phase motor speed controller; 
Boot soft start; 
Automatic short circuit protection when boot; 
Automatic short circuit protection when work.
Application : waterproof remote control eletric surfboard hydrofoil surfboard esc with surfboard battery.
Because the switch is electric switch. It has a Step-down circuit inside to convert high voltage to low voltage to power itself. This circuit must have capacitors. When connect and disconnect the switch from battery, it will have small spark. But after connection, when turn on or off switch button, it won't have spark. Please note this.
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