(Ready to Ship) Maytech MTSKR20WFV2 V2 ESK8 Screen Remote for DIY skateboard Compatible with VESC FOCBOX

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Relevant product: 2.4ghz extension antenna 1meter / 3meter

2.4ghz extension antenna 1meter / 3meter for MTSKR20WFV2 MTSKR1905WF Maytech waterproof 2.4ghz wireless remote controller and receiver


Maytech MTSKR2005WF V2 ESK8 Screen Remote for DIY skateboard longboard Compatible with VESC FOCBOX PWM ESC

MTSKR20WFV2 PWM signal Range: 
ZERO position: 1.5ms
Throttle button: 1.5-2ms, max throttle is 2ms; 
Brake button: 1.5-1ms, max brake is 1ms. 
It's suitable for rc car ESCs, electric skateboard ESCs, etc; not suitable for rc airplane/drone ESCs. 

Manual for MTSKR20WFV2 (click and download)

MTSKR1905WF Esurf/Esk8 VS MTSKR20WFV2 ESK8 :

Waterproof Class IP67 double waterproof IP66
Control mode Esurf mode Esk8 mode NEW ESK8 mode
Throttle display 0-100% ±100% ±100%
Speed mode No No Three speed modes;
each mode with adjustable speed 1-100%
Cruise control  Yes No No
Speed display No Yes Yes
Travel distance No Yes Yes
Application:  Electric-surfboard/Efoil;
Underwater control;
 E-skateboard  E-skateboard
Charger QC 2.0 Wireless
Wireless frequency 2.4GHz wireless with 40 Channel
Display screen OLED Yellow and Blue screen
Voltage display Remote and Main Battery Voltage Level(Lithium iron/lithium ion battery optional)
Triggers 2 x High sensitivity triggers
Throttle output PWM 1ms-2ms 100Hz
Telemeter  Data by Recevicer Motor RPM/Main Battery Voltage
Telemeter  Data by VESC ESC voltage/current/temperature/Motor temperature/RPM
VESC control mode Duty Cycle / Current Mode
Receiver's built-in switches
for esk8 lights, esurf water pump using, etc
1 x 30V 3A mechanical relay switch 
1 x 20V 2A transistor electronics switch

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