(Pre-order) Maytech MTSKR2005WF V2 ESK8 Screen Remote for DIY skateboard Compatible with VESC FOCBOX

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Maytech MTSKR2005WF V2 ESK8 Screen Remote for DIY skateboard longboard Compatible with VESC FOCBOX PWM ESC

Pre-order Discount Price: US$65.9/set.

Shipping will be arranged on about 15-20 July, 2020.

MTSKR1905WF Esurf/Esk8 VS MTSKR2005WF V2 ESK8 :

MTSKR1905 V2 MTSKR2005 V2
Waterproof Class IP67 double waterproof IP66
Control mode Esurf mode Esk8 mode NEW ESK8 mode
Throttle display 0-100% ±100% ±100%
Speed mode No No Three speed modes;
each mode with adjustable speed 1-100%
Cruise control  Yes No No
Speed display No Yes Yes
Travel distance No Yes Yes
Application:  Electric-surfboard/Efoil;
Underwater control;
 E-skateboard  E-skateboard
Charger QC 2.0 Wireless
Wireless frequency 2.4GHz wireless with 40 Channel
Display screen OLED Yellow and Blue screen
Voltage display Remote and Main Battery Voltage Level(Lithium iron/lithium ion battery optional)
Triggers 2 x High sensitivity triggers
Throttle output PWM 1ms-2ms 100Hz
Telemeter  Data by Recevicer Motor RPM/Main Battery Voltage
Telemeter  Data by VESC ESC voltage/current/temperature/Motor temperature/RPM
VESC control mode Duty Cycle / Current Mode
Receiver's built-in switches
for esk8 lights, esurf water pump using, etc
1 x 30V 3A mechanical relay switch 
1 x 20V 2A transistor electronics switch

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