What functions does VESC bluetooth module have?

What functions does VESC bluetooth module have?

The VESC Bluetooth Module (Buy it) provides the capability to connect a mobile device to the VESC (Vedder Electric Speed Controller) using Bluetooth technology. With this connection, you can perform various functions like:
  1. Real-time monitoring: You can monitor real-time data such as motor speed, motor current, battery voltage, and temperature, making it easier to analyze and optimize performance.
  2. Configuration: You can configure various parameters such as current limits, motor mapping, and control mode.
  3. Profile Configuration: You can create different profiles for your application and switch between them as and when required.
  4. Firmware update: You can update the firmware of your VESC through the app.
  5. Trouble shooting: You can perform troubleshooting and error detection through the app, making it convenient for problem-solving.

In summary, the VESC Bluetooth Module (Buy it) allows you to monitor and control your VESC through a mobile device, making it easier to optimize and customize your VESC performance.

Maytech Bluetooth Module for VESC
Maytech Bluetooth Module for VESC
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