Collectie: Truck/Wheels/Pulley/Belt, etc.,

Application: Electric skateboard, esk8, sk8, mountainboard, all terrain offroad skateboard, skate, skateboard, longboard, hoverboard, e-scooter, fighting robots, robotics, photograph robotics, electric vehicles, e-bike, e-scooter, shortboard, street boards, city skateboard, etc.,

BLDC Motor, FOC mode, brushless outrunner motor, dc motor, skateboard motor, 5055/5065/6355/6365/6374/6396/6880/8085 brushless motor, kv can be customized, open cover red color, black closed cover, sealed cover motor, sensored outrunner motor, hall sensor 6pin 2mm pitch, hub motor, 14 poles belt-driven motor, 28 poles hub motor, 8mm/10mm/12mm shaft, etc.,

Electric speed controller, VESC50A, VESC100A, SUPERFOC6.8, VESC200A, 200A VESC6.0 based controller, MTDU30A ESC, VESC_TOOL Compatible controllers, Vedder benjamin super esc, etc.,

Remote controller, PWM signal, 2.4G HZ, waterproof, wireless charging, display functions, display current, speed, power, battery power, skateboard power, bluetooth, throttle percentage, brake mode, cruise control mode, Esurf/Eskate modes, great signal strength, small and light, 2 layers nanometers coating, etc.,

Truck, font and rear truck, aluminum truck, back truck, backside truck, etc.,

Wheels, 9052 wheels, 8 inch wheels for mountainboard, 7052 wheelsΒ 

Pulley, belt systems, 395-M belt, 8mm/10mm holes