Collection: All Esurf Products

All electric surfboard products, including brushless inrunner/ourunner motors, MTI65162, MTI85165, MTI120116, MTI120180, MTI120157, MTO11270, kv can be customized. 

180mm propeller for MTI65162 fully waterproof motor, water-cooling motor

300A ESC, electric speed controller, 200A VESC compatible to VESC_TOOL, SUPERFOC, with fully waterproof aluminum case, heat sink, heat dissipation case

Fully waterproof remote controller, hand remote, PWM signal receiver, great signal strength, MTSKR1905WF, MTSKR1805WF, MTSKR1712

Application: electric surfboard, surf, esurf, surffoil, foilsurf, jetboard, jetski, jetsurf, surfjet, jetski, underwater, watercraft, water jet propulsion, electric foil, efoil, electric jet, water jet, electric hydrofoil, etc.,