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Efoil DIY Foil Assist Kit ( 6384 140KV Waterproof Motor + 200A VESC75 based ESC + MTSKR1905WF Waterproof Remote )

Efoil DIY Foil Assist Kit ( 6384 140KV Waterproof Motor + 200A VESC75 based ESC + MTSKR1905WF Waterproof Remote )


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Because Shipping has regulation on Battery. If you order the kit including 8S3P or 10S3P battery,  after you placing order, we will check and contact you to pay shipping cost for battery separately.

Or you can contact us by messenger or email ( to check battery shipping cost and shipping time before order.  

Efoil DIY Foil Assist Kit ( 6384 140KV Waterproof Motor + 200A VESC75 based ESC + MTSKR1905WF Waterproof Remote )

Maytech New Motor/ESC/Remote Kit, easily to convert your non-electric foil, wind foil, kite surf, sup board, wing foil, etc to electric.

1. Fully Waterproof 6384 Motor with New Waterproof Treatment Technology on Rotor and Stator. 

MTO6384-140-WPC 6384 Outrunner Motor
Fully Waterproof (can be immersed in water)
Max Torque 8.8N.M;
Motor KV: 140 (RPM/V) KV can be customized.
Shaft: No output shaft
Max. Current: 100A
Input Volt: 3-12Lipo cell
Max. Output Watt: 5000W
Motor size: 62.6*86mm
Motor next weight: about 1.1kg
Wire length: about 1meter
Without Hall Sensor
Application: For Wing foil, wind surf foil, sup foil board, electric foil board, kite foil board, underwater thruster, underwater robot, ROV, Electric Kayaks, etc.

Our advanced waterproof technology:

Rotor magnets with anti-oxidation and anti-rust treatment;
Stator with insulation paint;
Coil Copper wires with transparent insulating varnish;
Stainless Steel bearing.

Stainless Steel Bearing:
Because seawater is corrosive, after some time use may get rust, need to wash with fresh water everytime after use, and keep
the motor all dry, so to expand lifespan.

2. 200A VESC75 Based ESC

Model No. MTSPF7.12K Current 200A
Input Voltage 3-18S Lipo (12.6V-75V) Feature VESC_TOOL Compatible
Hardware VESC75 BEC 5V
Firmware Updatable Case With
Application electric skateboard longboard, fighting robot, e-bike, electric mountainboard, Cable camera, underwater drone, foil assist, surf assist, ROV, etc.

Port definations:

  1. USB port for programming;
  2. LED Port for connecting customer’s LED light to show ESC is on or off;
  3. Sensor port for motor Hall sensors (ABI, HALL, magnetic precision encoders);
  4. CAN Port for CAN communication with other devices and VESC arrays;
  5. COMM port for various kinds of other communication methods like I2C, ADC, Uart,You can use your Arduino or Raspberry Pi to control the VESC!
  6. PPM port to connect PPM transceivers.
Maytech New 200A 70V ESC MTSPF7.12K SUPERCASE200A V75 VESC_TOOL Compatible controller

3. Maytech MTSKR1905WF New Updated version waterproof remote for efoil electric surfboard DIY skateboard longboard (Click for more remote details)

Model No. MTSKR1905WF PCB and Screen Waterproof Rank IP67
Input Voltage Max 75V Signal PWM (PPM)
UART With TX and RX port to connect VESC controllers Double Source Power Supply Accept 5V power by ESC built in BEC or extra 5V power
Control Pump Yes (Relay Switch) on receiver Control Light Yes (Transistor Switch)
Cruise Control Funtion With in SF (Surfboard) Mode Accessories Charging Pad; Receiver; 3pcs Dupont Cables
Display Screen Remote & Battery Voltage; Throttle Percentage; Signal Strength; RPM.
When work with VESC, also display Current; Temp; Volt; Speed&Distance(only for esk8 mode) or RPM (for esurf mode).

4. MICHOBBY MICP27F 3D Printed folding propeller 

Propeller Model: MICP27F (unassembled)
Material: Nylon Powder
Blade: 2 folding Blades
Color: Black
Mounting Holes: 8xM4
Max Rotation Diameter: 165mm/6.5'' (Approx.)
Height: 32mm/1.25'' (Approx.)

5. 8S3P battery or 10S3P battery with charger

(Each batch battery Lenth/Width/Height will have 1-3cm tolerance. Please subject to actual product you receive. Also each batch charger outlook may have some difference. Please note before order). 

  • MTLB8S3P lithium-ion 8S3P Battery Pack

with Molicel 21700 cells
Rated: 29.6V
Full charged: 33.6V
Capacity: 12.6Ah
with BMS
MTBC3305P Battery Charger 
AC: 220V 50Hz
DC: 33.6V 5A

8S3P Battery Pack for Electric SUP Efoil DIY Electric Foil Assist
  • MTLB10S3P lithium-ion 10S3P Battery Pack

with Molicel 21700 cells
Rated: 37V
Full charged: 42V
Capacity: 12.6Ah
with BMS
MTBC4250P Battery Charger 
AC: 220V 50Hz
DC: 42V 5A

10S3P 37V Battery Pack And Charger for Electric SUP Efoil DIY Electric Foil Assist
MICHOBBY New 3D-Printed Folding Propeller for DIY Electric Foil/SUP Assist Kit
Efoil DIY Foil Assist Kit ( 6384 140KV Waterproof Motor + 200A VESC75 based ESC + MTSKR1905WF Waterproof Remote )
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