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In Stock! MTO7052HBM-60-HA Maytech 70mm 60KV Hub motor 500W

In Stock! MTO7052HBM-60-HA Maytech 70mm 60KV Hub motor 500W


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Specifictions of MTO7052HBM-60-HA 70mm electric skateboard hub motor for electric skateboards longboard delivery robot agricultural robots:

KV 60
Motor w/wheel dimension 70x50mm
Hole Size 8mm
Idle Current


Max Current


Input Volt


Max Output Watt




Motor Weight


Internal Resistance


Hall Sensor With hall sensor 
Construction 24N28P

New Updated 70mm Hub Motor Advantages:
1. Support 12-42V voltage;
2. With Hall Sensor, detect the position of the rotor, large starting torque, can start and turn back and forth frequently, high operation accuracy and smooth start.
3. Magnet is 52H, strong magnetism, glued with Loctite, high speed response, high starting torque, saving electricity;
4. Silicon steel sheet is Low power consumption , high efficiency, high magnetic induction, basically no magnetic aging;
5. Motor cable is 16AWG soft silicon cable, high temp and low temp resistance, environmentally friendly silicone rubber material for insulation, soft and great fire resistance;
6. Connector is AMASS 4mm male connector, increased contact surface area, can connect and insert more current, gold-plated surface, anti-oxidation, long service life;
7. Updated with Temerature Sensor;
9. Hall sensor connector is 6pin JST PH 2.0mm Pitch, compatible with standard VESC hall sensor.


Maytech brushless outrunner hall sensor hub motor are specially designed for electric skateboard. They come with low KV, high torque and efficiency.  All parts are made of a high-precision CNC machining center, and all surfaces are made with oxidation treatment. High temperature and high purity oxygen-free copper wires were used. The motors use high-grade magnets and 0.2 mm lamination to improve efficiency.
The hall-effect sensors inside tracks the motor’s position. This information permits the controller to alternate power with the right timing and in the right sequence and, voila, it spins.

Better efficiency means you get more mechanical energy per unit of power,

After a lot of development we have put together what we know works best for an electric skateboard motor and made it small and compact.

A Hub-Motor (Motor IN-Wheel, IN-Wheel-Motor) powered electric skateboard represents the pinnacle of electric skateboard engineering for the ultimate in light weight performance. Especially when the battery pack is hidden in the deck, making the electric longboard appear like an ordinary longboard.

Advantages of Hub Motors (IN-wheel motor)

  1. Less drag so less friction: Because there are no belts, the power output of the motor is the power the wheels will receive. No gearing ratios through belts to slow down the motor’s rotation.
  2. You cannot buy Happiness, but you can buy an electric skateboard with a hub motor.
  3. Hub motors are helluva fun!
  4. A Hub Motor makes you feel strong and safe, we “call it the Popeye-effect”.
  5. Hub motors are near-silent in operation and stealthy in their appearance
  6. Hub motors are simple to install.
  7. With a hub motor, you can easily convert almost any vehicle (bike, car, skateboard) to an electric vehicle (e-bike, e-car, e-skateboard).
  8. Hub motors are easy to swap out if worn out or blown.
  9. Hub motors are easy to upgrade, and resellelling the old one for other purposes is easy.
  10. Hub motors are readily available for any type of application.
  11. Hub motors have only few moving parts.
  12. Hub motors are fairly reliable, they are long enough on the market and are standardized.
  13. Ride with a hub motor, and you’ll confuse the people, who don’t immediately realize that you have a motor driven vehicle.
MTO7052HBM-60-HA Maytech 70mm 60KV Hub motor 500W For electric skateboard Longboard Robots E-bike

MTO7052HBM-60-HA 70mm electric skateboard hub motor for electric skateboards longboard delivery robot agricultural robots

MTO7052HBM-60-HA 70mm electric skateboard hub motor for electric skateboards longboard delivery robot agricultural robots

Suitable trucks for hub motors:

Maytech double hub motor truck for diy electric longboard

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