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In Stock! Electric Skateboard Comb 2pcs 6355 170KV Motor+2pcs VESC50A Brushless Motor and VESC Comb

In Stock! Electric Skateboard Comb 2pcs 6355 170KV Motor+2pcs VESC50A Brushless Motor and VESC Comb


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Electric Skateboard Comb 2pcs 6355 170KV Motor+2pcs VESC50A Brushless Motor and VESC Comb

Model NO MTO6355-170-HA-C
Motor KV 170(RPM/V)
Shaft 8mm
Idle Curren 1.0A
Max. Current 65A
Input Volt 2-12Lipo cell
Max. Output Watt 3510W
Max. Pull 12000g
Net Weight 522g
Motor Diameter 63mm
Internal Resistance 0.0441
Hall Sensor with hall sensor

with dustproof and waterproof function


maytech 6355 170KV Brushless outrunner sensored closed cover motor for electric skateboard

2. VESC Specification

Application e-skateboard/E-bike
Lipo 3-12Cells
Voltage 8V-60V
Accessory with USB cable
Package W/ Box
Capacitors 3pcs 680uf 63V
Dimension of VESC board 60x40mm
Power wire Silicon wire
Connectors 5.5mm Golden Connectors


MTVESC50A VESC4.12 based electric speed controller for electric skateboard robotics mouninaboard

Application: Electric skateboard, Esk8, longboard, mountainboard, offroad skateboard, city skateboard, street skateboard, motorized skateboard, electric longboard, electric surfboard, Esurf, Efoil, electric foil, foilsurf, foilsurfing, surffoil, surfjet, jetski, jetboard, electric hydrofoil, etc.,,

operated vehicle, underwater robot, Underwater Robotics/underwater remotely operated vehicles, subsea robots,cablecam, broadcast, IBC2019, Ultra drones,security monitoring robots,robots for security and safety monitoring in harsh terrain, agile robots, autonomous agile robots, security robots, autonomously monitor security, combat robots, fighting robots, etc.,

Maytech VESC Advantages:

  1. The 5.5mm golden connectors are soldered on the VESCs. It costs extra expense and also extra soldering processing method.
  2. Maytech VESCs come with 3pcs pf 680uf 63V capacitors which are soldered on the capacitor PCB. The capacitors are very important for every ESC. They can make sure the ESCs’stability when the ESCs speed up or slow down.

Why do we solder the capacitors on the capacitor PCB?

a)The capacitor PCB can stabilize the 3pcs 680uf 63V capacitors better than those are attached on the cables.

b)The capacitor PCB make the VESC look good and clean.

3. Maytech VESCs come with the USB cables and the sensor cables.

The USB cables are used for programming.

The sensor cables are used for the sensored motors when the original sensor cables on the motors are not compatible with the VESCs.

  1. Maytech uses the genuine Mosfets which come with circles and unclear writing.

However, the substituted Mosfets are with the clear writing and no circles. Many suppliers use the substituted Mosfets because of the lower cost.

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