MTSK20WFV2 Remote and receiver for Electric skateboard Simple instructions

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Please check product page for instruction videos!

1. Appearance

Maytech MTSKR2005WF V2 ESK8 Screen Remote for DIY skateboard Compatible with VESC FOCBOX

2. Receiver wiring instruction with VESC or VESC based controllers

Cross connection of Receiver TXD/RXD and VESC RX/TX:

Receiver’s TXD>> VESC RX;

Receiver RXD>> VESC TX.

VESC supports UARR and PWM(PPM) throttle control. When use with Maytech

waterproof remote, you can select PPM and UART, and select corresponding control in remote (“Data Source” and “VESC Thr”).

PPM to control throttle and UART to read voltage/current/ temperature/speed/etc.

Please set “Baudrate” to “115200 bps” in VESC_TOOL.

Maytech MTSKR2005WF V2 ESK8 Screen Remote for DIY skateboard Compatible with VESC FOCBOX

3. For non-standard VESC firmware or other normal PWM ESCs:

Maytech MTSKR2005WF V2 ESK8 Screen Remote for DIY skateboard Compatible with VESC FOCBOX

Data Source:

Speed sginal is detected by motor phase wire or hall sensor wire or VESC. Please select 【Data Source】 in remote manual and make sure hardware is connected correct and well. The original acquisition speed signal is the electrical speed of the motor (ERPM). Then remote will convert it to RPM or Speed and display.



Conversion formula


Skateboard speed (KM/H)

ERPM/Motor Poles/Gear Ratio*60*3.14*Wheel Dia/1000000

Skateboard speed (MPH)

ERPM/Motor Poles/Gear Ratio*60*3.14*Wheel Dia/1000000*0.6214



  • When【Data Source】is set to【Motor Wire】or【Hall Sensor】, the distance is the accumulation of the product of speed and time per 0.1 second.
  • When【Data Source】is set to【VESC】, remote and receiver will read VESC’s ABS data by UART port and calculate it to distance and display.
  • When you want to reset Distance, select【 Rst.】and long press Function button, then Distance will start from 0.

Main battery voltage display:

  • When【Data Source】is set to【VESC】, it will obtain VESC voltage information by UART port; Otherwise, voltage information is obtained by BAT port on receiver PCB.
  • Please make sure receiver GND and your main battery GND are connected(common ground). 
  • If receiver is not connected to main batteryor VESC UART port, remote will not display anything about main battery. 
  • If receiver gets voltage information, remote will show voltage in bars according to preset 【 Type】and 【Batt. Ser Num】.

Under the voltage bar on remote screen, it’s marked 【xx Batt.】. “xx” means current 【Batt. Ser Num】value, please check if it’s same as your battery specification.

If 【 Batt. Type】or 【Batt. Ser Num】is set different from your battery’s actual value, voltage display will be incorrect. Please make sure correct settings of both.

If voltage bars only have 2 or less left, the bars and 【xx Batt.】words on screen will flash to remind you charge your battery.



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