How to choose the right drone propeller?

How to choose the right drone propeller?

We have different type propellers for different drones: 

1. Fully Carbon Fiber Propellers; 
2. Low Noise Quiet Carbon Balsa Wood Composite Propellers; 

3. Carbon Nylon Reinforced Propellers .

More Rigid and Lighter Weight;
Well Balanced before delivery;
Low Noise (Quiet);
Less vibration;
Fold-blade/Whole-blade Types
Available size: 4-63 inch. 

How to choose the right drone propeller?

Drone propellers are different. They significantly influence the drone’s power, affecting how smoothly it flies.

Therefore, the following considerations are important when buying new drone propellers.


Pitch is the traveling distance of the propeller per each revolution.

In simpler terms, low pitch generates less turbulence and more force in the air. This makes the motors work effortlessly in carrying heavy payloads. Also, it results in increased flight time since the motors use less current from the battery.

On the other hand, high pitch produces less force and more turbulence in the air.

It’s very important to ensure that the propeller’s pitch is compatible with your drone. A propeller with an angle outside the requirements of your drone will not function properly.


A propeller with a larger diameter enables more contact with the air. As a result, it causes more stability when the drone is hovering.

However, a smaller diameter takes more effort when maneuvering smoothly in the air. Still, they speed up or slow down easily hence being more responsive than their larger counterparts.

More factors to consider include:
Air density
Blade material
Maximum noise

In summary, the type of propeller blade you choose determines the drone’s flight efficiency. Still, consider what you need the drone to do in order to choose a propeller accordingly.

Size and numbers: how do I know what size propeller I need for my drone?

That’s a common question for most beginners when looking for drone propellers.

Smaller blades, usually under eight inches, are popular for racing and acrobatics in the air. Typically, smaller blades pair well with smaller motors with high kV ratings.

Those over eight inches are larger blades, and they pair well with motors with low kV ratings. Drones with larger blades carry heavy loads like video equipment and spraying containers.

Propeller blades vary on the usage, platform, and payload requirements. Propellers come numbered to help you understand them better. So, you should pay attention to the tiny numbers on your propeller blades.

What do drone propeller numbers mean?

Usually, describing propellers is done using three numbers with an X in between each. These numbers refer to size, pitch. Let’s look at an example.

A propeller can have a 5×4.8. The first number, 5, relates to the size, mostly in inches. 4.8, the second number, indicates pitch and is also in inches. So, it’s Size x Pitch. As simple as that!

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