How to make VESC/VESC based controllers work with thumb throttle

How to make VESC/VESC based controllers work with thumb throttle

How to make VESC/VESC based controllers work with thumb throttle 

VESC can be used for many electric models: electric skateboards, electric scooters, electric bikes, electric car, robots, car parking system etc. This blog is to introduce how to adjust VESC and make it work with thumb throttle for electric scooters or electric bikes.

The GUI screen shots and pictures are based on:
MTVESC50A( Or SUPERFOC6.8) based on VESC: Firmware updatable; Hardware Version 4.12 (SUPERFOC6.8 hardware is based on 6.0);
VESC_TOOL for Windows OS;
MTEBT1701 Maytech thumb throttle.

Thumb throttle signal is called "Voltage Signal" in e-bike industry. It is corresponding to "ADC" in VESC.

Ⅰ. Connect the thumb throttle with Maytech SuperESC or SUPERFOC6.8:

Check PCB and find the three pins: ADC, GND, 5V.


MTVESC50A, SUPERESC, VESC4.12, VESC, e-bike, escooter, electric skateboard, longboard, robotics, ROV


SUPERFOC6.8, Maytech, VESC6, electric bike, e-scooter, electric longboard skateboard, robots, ROV

Solder the suitable adapter to your thumb throttle. Make sure each pin is in correct position. (The connector type is 7pin PH 2.0mm connector.)

e-bike throttle, thumb throttle, ebike throttle, electric bike

Ⅱ. Adjust parameters

Select "ADC" as communication signal between SuperESC/Superfoc and throttle in VESC_TOOL:


Then adjust other parameters according to your need:


Ⅲ. Recommend kit (pre-programmed and soldered with suitable connectors):  

  1. Maytech 6355/6365/6374/6880/6396/8085motors
  2. Controllers:

MTVESC50A 50A based on V4.12;

MTVESC100A 100A based on V4.12;

SUPERFOC6.8 50A based on V6.0 (same size as MTVESC50A, good FOC function)

MTSVESC6.0 200A based on V6.0

  1. Maytechthumb throttle (24V/36V/48V available)


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@Sergio, recommend this ESC:

Christina MICHOBBY

Hello, I have a dualtron thunder scooter, I have 40 amps in each controller, I would now like to have 80 amps on the controllers. Are you selling this. Thank you


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