Can the efoil surfboard 300A ESC rotate motor forward and reverse? How to adjust it?

Can the 300A ESC rotate motor forward and reverse? How to adjust it?

Maytech 300A ESC 100% Waterproof Electric Speed Controller with Progcard for Eletric Surfboard Efoil Boat   Maytech 300A OPTO ESC with Water-cooling splash waterproof Aluminum Case Controller for Esurf/Efoil/Hydrofoil

Our 300A ESCs default firmware is without throttle calibraiton, which is compatible with Maytech remote (1-2ms throttle signal range). 

We also have another firmware version. It can rotate motor with forward and reverse functio for electric boat, kayak, etc. 

1. How to update different firmware? 

You can contact us for firmware version and update firmware yourself; 

Or when you place order, you can left note or send email to us, we will update firmware for you. 

Here is firmware update process: 

2. What is each firmware fetures? 

  • Default firmware without throttle calibration: Single direction, 1-2ms PWM signal;
  • Firmware with throttle calibration: single direction, 1-2ms PWM signal; 
  • Firmware with throttle calibration: forward and reverse direction, 
    1.5ms, 0 speed position, 
    1.0-1.5ms, reverse direction, 1.0ms is the max reverse speed position
    1.5-2.0ms, forward direction, 2.0ms is the max forward speed position.
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