Notice and Tips for 300A-400A 85V MTSVESC7.5H Speed Controller

Notice and Tips for 300A-400A 85V MTSVESC7.5H Speed Controller

  • Introduction: 

MTSVESC7.5H is based on 75V 300A VESC hardware and firmware construction. It is mainly used for controlling brushless motor on mobile devices with 20S and below Lipo battery(max 85V, recommend to use 75V and below). Compared with original 75V 300A VESC, it has better heat dissipation and greater continuous power. 

  • Application Fields: 

With the many functions and interfaces of VESC, MTSVESC7.5H can be widely used in high-speed electric scooters, high-speed electric karts, electric motorcycles, electric boats,  electric surfboards, heavy-duty cargo robots, fighting robots, and various special vehicles, etc.

  • Notice before usage: 

1. If you will use the VESC for water sports or other application that will need to use water cooling, then better choose type with water cooling tube, and work with water pump for cooling. Blow has compatible water pump setup recommended, if you need,  recommend to order together. 

2.Must do a good job of heat dissipation! If place it in a sealed container(recommend touse metal container), it must be forced to be cooled with water. Also make sure your container has enough space for the VESC, make sure the cooling tube do not bent, otherwise will influence water flow in cooling tube, also make sure water flow is enough for cooling before office use.

3. Before the new ESC is officially used, please test it with a low-voltage and low-throttle, after success, then slowly increase voltage and throttle. Be sure to pay attention to safety during this period!

4. Recommend to add an electronic switch with short circuit protection function between the ESC and battery, such as MTS2009AS 300A electronic switch or BMS with switch function. It is not recommended to use only contactor without short circuit protection!

5. The battery and motor side terminals must be connected tightly, they can’t be loose, and better add with shrinkable tube on the terminals. Also please make sure terminals not touch case or other wires, here's the video shows you the way to install cold-pressed terminal connector:

6. In actual use, please use hot melt glue to fix the hall/UART interface cables the corresponding sockets of the ESC, to prevent the cables loose due to the bumps of the vehicle!

7. Please do not disconnect relay switch or electronic switch during usage ! Otherwise it will cause electromagnetic interference, which might damage the VESC. 

8. If you use the VESC to work with our MTSKR1905WF remote on Esurf/ Efoil, please noted below settings: 

Our remote PWM signal output pulselength in Esurf mode is 1-2ms, no brake no stop, and in VESC default pulselength is 1ms start, 2ms end, 1.5ms center, so if you will use our remote in Esurf mode, then please adjust below settings in VESC_TOOL: 

PPM Control Type: Current no reverse
PPM Mapping: Pulselength Start: 1.1ms; Pulselength End: 1.9ms; Pulselength Center: 1.5ms

Input Deadband: 5% (For faster respond)

Or you can use wizard mode to detect PPM pulselength value. 

VESC_TOOL compatible VESC electronic speed controller MTSVESC7.5H, electric surfboard, motorcycle, rc boat, efoil, foilsurf

9. In PPM Control type, do not use Duty Cycle or Duty Cycle No Reverse, this control type only works at fighting robots, 3F Prototyping, drone application, because this control type can't fully disconnect battery power, it needs battery to absorb braking energy. 


The above tips are only suggestions based on the experience of our engineers. how to actually operate is up to you.  Parameters for different setup is also different, please noted
To check more specs, click below picture: 
In Stock! Maytech 85V 300A 400A VESC 75V based speed controller
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