Maytech SUPERFOC 6.8 Advantages and differences from MTSVESC6.0/VESC50A/VESC100

Maytech SUPERFOC 6.8 Advantages and differences from MTSVESC6.0/VESC50A/VESC100

1、SUPERFOC 8 vs orignal VESC6 or MTSVESC6.0

   1.1 Based on the original VESC6, but with smaller size same as the original VESC4 size;
More suitable for small current and small size applications; 
Compatible with the Maytech MTVESC50A-KS aluminium case.

   1.2 Inherited most of the common interfaces of the original VESC6,
capacitable to electric skateboards, robots etc areas.

  1.3 Built-in original official VESC firmware and bootloader;
Support the latest VESC_TOOL Firmware; adjustable and upgradable from a PC or mobile phone.
(Many non-original hardwares based on VESC don’t support official firmware)

   1.4 Price is reasonable and competitive.

   1.5 specially designed for electric skateboards, electric bicycles, electric scooters, fighting robots 13.6 kg, etc.


   2.1 Replacing the driver chip with the DRV8301 solves some VESC4.12 DRV error problems in FOC mode.

   2.2 Add one more sampling resistor to provide more accurate current data.

   2.3 Independent current ADC sampling chip for faster sampling of current data.

   2.4 Based on the optimization algorithm of FOC in the new firmware, FOC startup is more stable and smoother.

   2.5 Support new 3.54 firmware(VESC_TOOL1.08) with UAVCAN function for communicating with drone flight controllers.

   2.6 The electrical performance is more stable than V4: voltage 8-60V, continuous current 50A, maximum current 240A.

   2.7  MOSFETS are imported genuine IRF7530 from USA IR company.


   3.1 MTVESC100A uses high precision CNC machined aluminum alloy case;
Power board and control board are separated. The temperature and other interference on the control board is isolated. Small size and high power. It is a classic product, which is more used for electric mountainboard.

   3.2 SUPERFOC 6.8 aluminum alloy case is bigger than MTVESC100A’s. But price is more economic and more competitive for electric skateboard using.

Recommend some good but economic combinations of SUPERFOC 8:

4.1  MTVESC50A-KS aluminium case
4.2  MTS1810AS anti-spark switch
4.3  MTBR1812 Rheostatic brake


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