FAQ Why doesn't my V2 Remote screen show battery voltage When use MTSF300A-WP ESC with built-in receiver

FAQ: Why doesn't my V2 Remote screen show battery voltage When use MTSF300A-WP ESC with built-in receiver?

To achieve the simplest external wiring, this ESC MTSF300A-WP with built-in receiver has integrated the voltage sampling of the main battery, motor phase wire RPM measurement, and DC-DC module(UBEC). If you don't use other functions of the receiver, then you don’t need to connect any other cables. After pair remote MTSKR1905WF to the receiver, the remote can show main battery voltage, motor RPM directly. When first receive and use the remote and ESC, how to make the main battery voltage displayed in the screen? 

 Maytech V2 remote battery voltage display

1. Please make sure remote is paired to the receiver inside the ESC. 

Pairing process: 

-turn off ESC, turn on remote and adjust it to "pairing"; 

-turn on ESC (receiver inside), they will pair to each other automatically.

Please refer to following video: 

 2. Please select correct "Data Source" in remote. 

Efoil  surfboard Remote data source electric surfboard DIY

【No Source】No Data Source, remote screen will not display any information of RPM/Distance/Voltage/Current/Temperature.

【Hall Sensor】The motor ERPM is detected by the state change of the Hall sensor.

【Motor Wire】The motor ERPM is detected by the motor phase wire back electromotive force. Please select this. 

【VESC】Read all kinds of valid data from VESC through UART port.

3. Please adjust "2 Batt. Type" and "3 Batt. Ser Num" in Remote according to your battery. 

"Batt. Type"- Main battery type
"Batt. Ser Num"- Main battery Series Number

maytech waterproof remote V2 screen remote battery type

【3.2V】Lithium-ion ferrous phosphate batteries; 3.2 V per cell.

【3.7V】Lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries; 3.7 V per cell.

The full voltage of the main battery can be obtained by matching this parameter with “Batt. Ser Num”. According to the collected actual voltage , it will calculate the percentage of power, display it on the top of the home screen.

Maytech MTSKR1905WF V2 remote settings

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