FAQ of MTEF20S Complete Efoil Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard Efoil Board 8000W

FAQ of MTEF20S Complete Efoil Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard Efoil Board 8000W

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1.  I would just need to know about the cooling systems (battery, controller(ESC) and the Motor) how do they cool down are there any cooling system.

Motor/ESC/battery are with waterproof case and the case touches water directly for cooling.

2. I would like to see a picture and details of the remote and charger if possible please?

Here is battery charger picture. and we will attach your country charger adapter. Remote is Maytech V2 remote MTSKR1905WF.


3. I am guessing the surfboard and the wings are carbon fibre and the mast and motor housing are probably Cnc aluminum? could you confirm?

The board, wings and mast are carbon fiber; motor housing is aluminium.

4. is there any bags or case to travel with the surfboard when buying it?

The efoil will come with a bag to travel.

5. it’s says 2000 battery cycles. usually lithium is between 500 and 800 battery cycle. liPO battery are usually 2000 battery cycle. is the battery is liPO or lithium??

It’s Lipo Battery.

6. is the surfboard is detachable to the mast hydrofoil easily? to be able to travel easier than all mounted together!is it screws ? 4 screws?

Yes, it’s mounted by 4 screws.

7. What's Max speed of the efoil?

Max speed is about 40km/h. 

8. What's the total weight of the board including battery? 

Weight is about 25kg. 

9. More other specifications: 

Material Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber

Motor power


Battery capacity


One charging battery life

80 minutes

Charging time

2 hours

Maximum speed

40 km/h

Overall size

1670*650*12mm (length*width*height)

Overall weight

15kg without battery, 25kg with battery. Volume weight 101kg (playing a wooden box)

Battery cycles

2000 times


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