New MTSPF4.6K 100A SUPERFOC ESC based on V4.12 VESC_TOOl Compatible speed controller

  • $202.90

This ESC is in updating will be ready in mid to late March 2022. 

Specifications of MTSPF4.6K 100A 12S SUPERFOC ESC based on V4.12 speed controller:

Application electric skateboard longboard, fighting robots, combat robots, cablecam, etc
Lipo 3-12Cells
Voltage 12V-50.4V
Hardware version based on V4.12
Firmware version Updatable, VESC_TOOL Compatible
Cont. Current 100A
Burst Current 280A
Capacitors With high quality aluminum case, better heat dissipation
Case Size 71.5mm(L)x45.8mm(W)x18mm(H)
Power wire Silicon wire
Accessory USB programming cable


With 4.0mm golden connectors for motors, without connector for battery.
With high quality aluminum case, better heat dissipation
Dust‐proof and splash‐proof
Compatible with sensor or sensorless motor
Sensored or Sensorless operation
Great start‐up torque with sensorless motors
Soft‐switching to reduce the losses in power electronic switches
Separation of low power electronics from the high power electronics, make it more reliable.

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