Efoil Electric Hydrofoil Kit 8000W Motor Propeller With Mast and Wing

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Efoil Electric Hydrofoil Kit 8000W Motor Propeller With Mast and Wing With or without ESC and Remote

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1. 8000W Motor with Propeller With Mast and Wing

Wing/Mast Material Carbon fiber Carbon fiber
Propeller guard 304 stainless steel with paint, with sea water corrosion-resistant
Wing size Front wing 64*25cm
Back wing 43*11cm
Mast size 70x12cm
Motor power  8000W
Maximum speed at 14S About 40 km/h
Mast with Motor weight  About 5kg
Wing weight  1.85kg
Recommend suitable Battery  14S 30-50Ah Lipo Battery Pack with 150A BMS (max voltage 60V)

▶ Motor MTI70182-100-SF
 Idle Current @8.4V: 2.0A
 Motor type: Inrunner
 RPM/V: 100
 Max.Current: 310A
 Max. Output Watt: 9.0KW
 Max. torque: 13.5N.M
 Rated power: 8KW
 Weight: 3120g
 Motor Dimension: Φ70x 182mm
 N/P: 12N/10P
 Ball bearing: NSK
▶ with 7.25x6inch propeller

2.  Optional MTSF300A-WP fully waterproof watercooled ESC and MTSKR1905WF Remote

▶ ESC Controller MTSF300A ▶ Remote controller MTSKR1905WF

 Cont. Current: 300A
 Max. Current: 1000A
 Volt.: 25-58.8V
 Fully Water-proof IP68
 ESC is built behind of motor in mast. 
 Each one is tested before delivery

 Double guarenteed waterproof with Nano coating
 Charing: Wireless charging
 Display:  OLED Screen,128x64 OLED, yellow and blue
 Display parameters: 1. Main battery Volt.; 2. Main Battery Num.; 3. Remote Battery Volt.; 4. Control mode; Etc
 Relay mechanical switch: 30V 3A
 Switch: electronic 20V 2A transistor
 Frequency: 2.4GHz wireless
 Cruise control: YES
 Compatible ESC: VESCs & other ESC controllers
 Receiver Specs:  Input volt.: 5V
 Throttle signal output: 1-2ms PWM 5V;
▶ Max Voltage detection range: 5-80V ±5%;


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