Maytech New Updated V3.0 Hand Controller for Efoil Surfboard Electric Watersports

Maytech New Updated V3.0 Hand Controller for Efoil Surfboard Electric Watersports

Maytech New Updated V3.0 Hand Controller for Efoil Surfboard Electric Watersports: (click link to buy)

New remote updated  functions: 
1. New version updates from April 2024:
● with 3 adjustable speed modes;
● with throttle lock function for safety;
● with Eco and Pro modes for different signal strength;
● compatible to Maytech new 32bit MTSF300A-WP32/MTSF300A-WP32-HV ESC to ready current/votlage/rpm datas, etc;
● add a page to display main battery voltage percentage;
● This version contains functions of old firmware versions V1.32.1 (or V1.31.1) and V2.32.2(or V2.32.1). etc.
2. Display shows more: 
Besides remote battery and main battery voltage, it can show motor RPM; if use it with VESC controllers, it can show current, speed(esk8 mode), temperature
3. Signal: 
Remote and receiver signal strength is enhenced to avoid some signal interference nearby. 
4. Waterproof function is updated: 
Two layers of nanometer-coating are added to remote.  
5. Remote can wirelessly control two switches: 
Remote can control two switches, such as light, pump.
6. Receiver supports double-souce powersupply: 
Receiver can accepts 5V/3.3V power 
Model No MTSKR1905WF (V3.0), upgraded waterproof and signal strength
Waterproof Rank IP67 with 2 layers nanometer coating
Control Mode SF(Surfboard) / SK (ESK8)
Speed Settings 3 Adjustable Speed Modes
RF Mode Eco and Pro modes for different signal performance:
Eco: Most energy-saving;
Pro: Strongest signal strength, Best performance, More power consumption.
Throttle Lock function With New throttle lock function for safety
Signal Format Support Standard PWM (PPM) and UART
PWM Signal Output Range 1ms-2ms for throttle no brake in SF mode (Surfboard);
1.5ms-2ms for throttle, 1.5ms-1ms for brake in SK mode (ESK8). 
Power Supply Recevier Accepts 5V power by ESC built-in BEC or extra 5V power
Output Signal Max 3.3V
Display Remote and battery voltage, signal strength, throttle and brake percentage, RPM, speed, mileage; Current, temp, Main Battery voltage percentage, etc. (different data source is with different display datas).
Different Data source has different tolerance. All data obtained by different data source is for your reference only.
Control Pump Yes (Relay Switch)
Control Light Yes (Transistor Switch)
Safety Button Support
Cruise Control With in SF Mode
Brake With in SK Mode
Wireless Charging Yes
Package Includes Remote, Receiver, Wireless Charger, Floating wristband 
Compatible Controllers MTSF300A-WP32 ESC/VESC/ Focbox/ Other PWM ESCs that have same signal output range with the remote. 
Application Efoil Boost system, electric propulsion, underwater thruster, electric outboard, Esurf, Efoil, electric hydrofoil, electric surfboard, electric skateboard, elongboard, mountainboard, electric paraglider, etc.



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