How to install VESC Driver? VESC Driver Installation Tutorial

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Please download Driver:

There are 3 installation methods for VESC Driver:

  1. Install Driver without plugged USB, but after installation, plug in the usb, the driver will assign a virtual port number.
  2. If the driver is not an executable program, then manuallyselect the Driver to install: you need to insert the usb to continue the installation. Please use the above Driver “inf” file.
  3. If the computer is connected to the Internet, after plugging in the USB, windows will automatically search for the drive online. This process is very long, about 5 minutes.

If install manually:

The first step: select the device manager, find the device corresponding to the inserted USB, if the inserted USB device does not have a corresponding driver, an exclamation mark “!” will be displayed, select the device, right-click and select "Update Driver” .

How to install VESC Driver?

Second step: Select "Browse my computer for driver software".

How to install VESC Driver?

Third Step: Select Driver file.

How to install VESC Driver?

How to install VESC Driver?

Four: go to the next step.

How to install VESC Driver?


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